Final Logo, California Academy of Sciences
Research for logo design
Collection of various logos of Science Museum around the world

Existing pictures of Academy of Sciences
The very first sketch is inspired by the green roof, which in turn is inspired by the 8 hills of the San Francisco.

I than started thinking in terms of logotype and further developed.
Serif typography with various animals, fishes etc can be used during advertisement on different marketing mediums, like bus kiosk, or bus etc.
Example of bus kiosk with museum advertisement
More sketches
In the first sketch here, I tried a magnifying lens and placed the logotype in it, natural history museum is about research, study rather than experiments in the lab.

The next one is again inspired by the the roof of the building !
I further developed the roof sketch, this is inspired by a photograph on their website.
Colored Logo variations
Black background final logo
Advertising on various mediums
Website Design
Advertisemnt on Iphone
Bus stop Advertisement
Sketches for various products to be sold in the museum shop 
Final Growth charts for kids

Kids Artwork
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