The Process
The project was to  design a playful and interactive design using strategic and evocative materials appropriate to the context of the problem. I decided on developing a package which will be Interactive for children, as well as attractive and interesting. The project started as an collaborative one but eventually was done separately.
Inspirational Board
Interactive packaging provokes an interest from the consumer. Buyers are drawn to a creative package as well as attracted to design, logo and color. Below are Interactive package designs.

The package and the product are essentially the same here as, we want people buying it 
to see it rather than opening the package and than seeing it.
We think people would be attracted to it because of its inter-activeness.

Make-a- Train
Our box (Make- a- Train)will have ten (6) faces/sides. The train will be divided into 6 parts and each part will be hiding under the flaps of the box. The child will remove each part and form a train by placing the parts together, much like a jigsaw puzzle or perhaps snap together, similar to Legos. The same will be true of the dinosaur. 
Toy train formed after placing the the parts together on a flat surface.
Animation to show the  snap in idea of train parts. The final design was improved by simplifying it, the flaps were removed and the toy is just has removable parts. Please see the animation below  for its working model.
Animation is done using SketchUp
Working Model Photograph
The success of this package and product is that my son was totally interested in it as soon as he saw it. He on his own came and started looking for missing pieces and putting them where they belong to, you can see how engrossed he was while doing it.
Final Interactive Toy
Final rendered images done in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
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